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Shear Clip for the P35s/P3500/PA3500

Quick Overview

  • Description : Shear Clip for the P35s/P3500/PA3500
  • Standard Box : 1
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PA3500     Powder-actuated Semi-automatic Tool

Tool Description

The PA3500 is a modified version of the P3500 that includes a power adjuster, allowing the operator to effectively decrease the power level of the load being used by up to two (2) levels. For example, A red load can be toned down to the level of a green load.

Technical Data :

  • Tool Body : Precision cast Aluminum
  • Tool Length : 13-5/8"
  • Tool Weight : 5 lbs.
  • Pin Length : 1/2" to 3" Total Length
  • Load Type : .27 Caliber 10 Load Strip and .27 Caliber Safety Strip
  • Power Level : Brown (2), Green (3), Yellow (4), Red (5)

  • General Applications and Uses :

  • Conduit Clip To Concrete
  • Electrical Fixture To Steel
  • Wood To Concrete
  • Concrete Forming
  • Wood To Steel
  • Commercial And Residential Construction
  • Electrical Fixture To Concrete

  • Ordering Information :

    Catalog NumberDescriptionStandard Box
      PA3500 Tool (Deluxe Kit):
      • Safety Glasses, Disposable Ear Plugs
      • Allen Wrenches, Wire Brushes, Tool Lubricant
      • Spall Guard, Spare Parts
      • Pin Starter Kit:
          • .300 Headed Pins : (50) 1/2", (50) 3/4", (30) 3" with 7/8" washer
      • Case
    52025PA3500 Tool (Blister Pack)1
    52103PA Piston Flat End with Ring for the PA35001
    52108Guide 2/F-3 for the P3500/PA35001
    52110Base Plate 2/S-13 for the P3500/PA35001
    52112Piston Stop for the P3500/PA35001
    52120Shear Clip for the P35s/P3500/PA35001
    52122Steel Annular Ball for the P35s/P3500/PA35001

    Limited Access Baseplates :

    Catalog NumberDescriptionStandard Box
    52114Guide 2/F-4 Limited Access for the P3500/PA35001
    52116Baseplate 2/F-14-1 Limited Access for the P3500/PA35001

    Pole Tools for Overhead Attachments :

    Catalog NumberDescriptionStandard Box
    500656' Di-electric Pole Tool1
    500668' Di-electric Pole Tool1

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    Additional Information

    Manufacturer: Powers Fasteners
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