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Simpson Strong-Tie

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The head-of-wall drift-clip connector (HWDC) is used to secure the head of a wall to the bottom of a slab or beam. The unique design allows anchor screws to be installed closer to the bend, providing a stronger and stiffer connection while also allowing horizontal and vertical movement during seismic and high-wind events. HWDC5.25 provides anchorage location options with a third slot providing a solution for clips overhanging beam flanges. HWDC connectors are an optimal solution for adding strength to window or door jambs at head-of-wall connections. Tested load values are provided for anchorage to steel and concrete.

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    • Accommodates 1" of lateral drift in each direction, and 1" of upward and downward vertical deflection
    • Unique design and placement of the anchorage slots allows for closer attachment of anchorage to the clip bend, providing increased load capacity
    • The HWDC5.25 clip has three slots located at the anchorage leg allowing for attachment at the outer slots (anchorage pattern — centered) for maximum capacity or anchorage to the adjacent slots (anchorage pattern — off center) for walls that overhang the edge-angle or beam-edge
    • Stiffening ribs are placed in between anchorage slots through the bend to provide additional strength and stiffness
    • Simpson Strong-Tie® No-Equal® stamps mark the center of the slots to help ensure proper shouldered screw and anchor placement

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    Manufacturer: Simpson Strong-Tie
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