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SDS-Plus Carbide Drill Bits are designed for use in a rotary hammer equipped with an SDS (slotted drive shaft) type chuck.

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  • Spline to SDS Adapter
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S-4 Plus SDS     Carbide Drill Bits

Product Description :

S-4 Plus carbide drill bits are designed for use in a rotary hammer equipped with an SDS(slotted drive shaft) type chuck. The single tip bits are manufactured to conform with ANSIStandard B212.15 and can be used to drill in concrete, block, brick and soft stone. S-4 PlusSDS carbide drill bits are manufactured within a strict tolerance limits for the cutting diameter,the symmetry of the carbide tip to the drill axis, the symmetry of the tip point and theout-of-true variation. The optimal carbide and flute design provides up to 27% faster drillingand extended bit life.

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Manufacturer: Powers Fasteners
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